This winter has been awful (I’m not using past tense because winter is clearly still here). Just brutal. Stuck inside so often…..and what’s inside the house with you? We’re willing to bet…some food and drinks that you probably shouldn’t have. Those winter sweatshirts and sweaters have gotten a little to comfortable for many of us, or maybe you have slipped up into some bad habits lately.  That’s why it’s time for our annual Spring Nutrition Challenge! Summer is close (believe it or not). Many Gyms in Connecticut never focus on nutrition and never actually get those results that you crave!  Time to get back on track and dial in the nutrition as beach season approaches. Here are the details.

We will be doing a 6-week challenge from April 23 to June 3. Plenty of time to get on track and set the tone for a sexy summer!!! You will be confident heading into the hot months of June, July and August and ready to soak in some sun!  Trying to get your nutrition back on track on your own is HARD!  Take advantage of this challenge to gain the support of an entire community to hold you accountable and help you out along the way.   

We will start with two STRICT weeks.  This will be a reset, and you will cut out ALL added sugars and alcohol.

Weeks 3-4 will be less strict, but still no added sugars. However, you will be allowed 2 glasses of wine per week or two shots of tequila During weeks 5-6 we will have the same rules as weeks 3-4, but you will also be allowed one cheat meal during the week. 

We will split into teams for this one with a $25 buy-in. The winning team will split the pot. We will organize the teams depending on how many people sign up. In addition, each one of you can vote for a team MVP and that person will win some cool prizes and discounts on membership!  

Points will work like this: 1 food point, 1 point for gym attendance (must get to the gym at least 3 times). 1 alcohol point and there will also be 1 weekly bonus point.

Everyone starts the week (Mon-Sun) with 4 points. You lose points as you go, so if you have two cheat meals in the first week you lose 2 points…not just 1. If you have 10 drinks, you lose 10 points during the first two weeks! 

There will be plenty of excuses of why you “can’t” do the challenge…but we aren’t interested in hearing any of them.  There will always be a birthday, wedding, weekend away, etc. Don’t use that as another reason for self sabotage. Take control of your health, take advantage of the support, put yourself first and sign up. We have literally seen folks CHANGE their lives over the course of our 6 week challenges.  Why not you?  You will be sitting in a bathing suit before you know it…lets make sure you are 100% confident in it!

Remember these last week??

Lou looking composed during those Sunday lunges

Justin rolling through the lunges

Marie looking strong during the Sunday Masters Class!

Cat in good position!

Stephanie making it look easy