I need to vent. I need to share. And it’s my blog so here we go!

I get as lazy as anyone on vacation. I want to freaking RELAX for once! I’d be perfectly happy doing virtually nothing on vacation. I could get to my destination and lay around (preferably in the sun and near water…….pool or ocean or lake, it doesn’t really matter to me), eat, drink, catch up on some reading…….and that’s pretty much it. That’s a solid vacation to me. But I also feel guilty for the laziness so I can sometimes motivate myself to get in a workout. We just went to Florida for six days and I got in two workouts at a local CrossFit….a really solid vacation/workout ratio for me. Mostly because, after getting in a good workout, I have even more of an excuse to be extra lazy for the rest of the day….and probably the next day. I earned that laziness, damn it!

But when the vacation ends, the laziness ends. It has to. Time to get back to work and more importantly, back to working out! The time to be a glutton is over and my need (yes, it’s a need) to workout is at an all-time high. My lazy vacation time is over and now I need to push extra hard in the gym and get back at it…..immediately.

Looking closely at things, I realize some people aren’t like me. Sometimes, it seems like a “lazy gene” enters into someone’s body during vacation and all of a sudden they can’t shake it after returning to the real world. Laziness comes back with them like a virus. It clings to them. As crazy as it sounds to me, we’ve actually had people not come back to the gym after a long vacation or an extended hiatus for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because of the lazy gene. Maybe they are afraid to come back after such bad nutrition and many, many drinks while away. Maybe they don’t want to feel that discomfort their first workout back. Sometimes, people would rather avoid the gym and keep on being lazy.

My message to you is this: don’t let the lazy gene get to you. When vacation is over, or whatever causes you to be away, it’s time to get back to work. Yes, the first workout back isn’t great. Not by a long shot. But no matter how tough it seems, you WILL feel like a million bucks afterwards. There is no doubt about that. That feeling of accomplishment will rush back into your body and you will be looking forward to the next workout already. And you’ll be back to “normal” in no time.

On the flip side, if you want to lose everything you ever gained……then let the lazy gene take over and find the excuses to stay away from the gym. I just won’t understand it.

To me, it’s a no-brainer.

See you at the gym.

Mike T. waiting for a sandbag hold to end!

Wall Balls

Jeanine setting up for a snatch

Paula and Jill looking strong with their HSPU today!

Teresa looking solid

Damon working that snatch form