It’s been a rough week for many of us!  No power, school cancelations, property damage and trees all over the streets and our yards (and on some of our houses). All of that has us stressed and out of our routine.  And while certain things are out of our control it’s important to remember not to let go of things completely.  Most importantly our health and nutrition.  Most poor lifestyle choices always go back to some sort of emotional trigger.  If every time you had something stressful happen in your life you let good nutrition and exercise go out the window…we would all find ourselves amongst the 70% of Americans dying from chronic disease.  We want to help be your support to break the cycle of stress and emotional eating!

We get it…yes a beer or other adult beverage may be called for at the end of a week without power and school for the kids….and yes you may find yourself finishing that pint of ice cream because otherwise it would melt and go to waste without power….#guilty.  But let’s make a conscious decision to stop there.  No power to run the stove? Use a grill to cook meat and put it over a giant salad, cook eggs or veggies in a cast iron skillet on the grill, or worst case grab a steak and veggie dish at a local restaurant.  We were so proud to see our nutrition challengers posting healthy challenge-approved meals while out to dinner last week!  The gym was closed for most our 6 am and 6/7 pm classes due to lack of daylight at the end of last week…..sorry!,  Instead of bagging it for the week, make it a priority to get here on a weekend or maybe a class time that you don’t normally attend.  If that’s not possible, email a coach for a good home WOD! There really are endless possibilities to continue to live a healthy lifestyle despite bad circumstances.

It’s about taking control, and not letting stress and situations you have no control over dictate how you eat and live.  All your coaches are here to help, and you have an entire community to lean on for support.  Just ask!  Hopefully over the next couple days things start to return to normal and we can all get back into our routines!

For those participating in our Nutrition challenge, no there will be no changes to point system from last week.  There will be ample opportunities for you to make up points this week if you had a bad week!  If you were unable to get out for the restaurant challenge, we will extend that extra point another week.  You will also have the opportunity to earn up to 6 additional bonus points as well.  One of the biggest flaws we saw in food logs was lack of veggies!  When planning every meal, veggies should be present, and dominant! So for every day you eat 800g of veggies and fruit you earn a bonus point.  Please check out our fb page for complete details!  For anyone not participating in the challenge, try this bonus point challenge!  Can you eat 800g (roughly 6 cups) of veggies, and some fruit every day?   Let us know how it goes!

Lisa….back from a Ragnar Race and tossing some weight overhead

Push presses during “Jack” last week

Zach, Elsa and Shawn during “Jack”

Damon locking out a push press

Sylvia grinding through her reps!