We would once again like to congratulate everyone who recently completed the Nutrition Challenge! The challenges are tough but it’s amazing to see the results we get time after time. Hard work does pay off in AND out of the gym!!!!! “You can’t out-train a crappy diet!”

Team 4 has taken home the 2018 Spring Nutrition Challenge Championship!!!! Team 4 includes Damien, Liguori, Pete, Rose Marie, Stacey P., Mary, Jeanine and Natalie! They scored 171 points and will split the cash pot. It was a close race with team 3 for the championship! Team 3 scored 167 points and was represented by Damon E., Sam, Paula, Sandra, Stacey S., Cindy, Mike E., and Morgan.

TEAM: Total Points
Team 4: 171
Team 2: 167
Team 1: 149
Team 3: 137

We saw some great before and after photos…but we were most impressed with Natalie!!  If you remember from our Fall Challenge, she also earned a best before and after pic….and she continues to look more lean and fit from even then!  Not only that, but she has continued to monitor body fat %…and has seen a steady decrease from last summer!  Go Natalie!

Finally, each team choose a team MVP based on their performance with the rules and points of the challenge, their participation and attitude during the six weeks. Each of them (including Natalie for her before and after pic) will earn $50 towards next month’s membership or gear!

The team 1 MVP: Livia
Team 2 MVP: Vanessa
Team 3 MVP: Damon E.
Team 4: Rose Marie



Weight vest for Jon…..natural weight vest for Melis for those DU’s! 🙂

Mike T. pounding through some bench press

Big early morning crew getting after it!

Kylie tossing a sandbag over her shoulder

Sara looking strong on those rope climbs!

Laurin getting her first shot at the ropes

Zach with a bar muscle-up while Eric lands a DB snatch

Kim looking strong with those tough DB snatches