Sorry folks, we wanted to post this last week, but lost internet access at our house (again) so we didn’t get a chance to post. But, we just got it back today! See below!

As you hopefully saw, we will be doing “Hero Fridays” for the majority of the summer, during which time we will do a “Hero” workout each Friday for all classes. And, keep in mind that we still have our annual “Murph” workout coming up on the 4th of July. To foster some camaraderie at the gym on Fridays and on the 4th, we have ordered some t-shirts and tanks that we think you will love. See below.

We would love to see many of you wear these shirts to class on Fridays as we honor true heroes, and also on the fourth for “Murph.”

For our new members, Hero workouts are special. They are all listed here on HERE!!!!!

Each workout is named after a military hero who died serving our country. You can read a little about each one on the page above. These aren’t just random named workouts like the “Girl” workouts, these are real people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. So, we take these workouts VERY seriously.

We will let you know when the shirts come in!

SCHEDULE UPDATE: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we have had requests for 5 am classes and we are……um…….going to start that up THIS week with two class times (Wednesday and Thursday). For those of you who requested this time……we better see you there!!!!!

Jack with a nice 385 front squat PR

Vicky cycling through those power snatches on Saturday

Kim and Eliana working on their HSPU

Eric setting up for his clean

Los looking strong with his power clean

Kylie making those humbling 1-arm OHS look easy!

Amber setting up for a clean during “Holleyman”