Hard to believe it….but our 6 week Nutrition Challenge is over! Congrats to everyone who participated! Final scores are being tallied, and amazing before and after pics are coming in. We can’t wait to share the winners with everyone!

This was one of our most challenging challenges to date. Just about everyone of us was affected in some way by the storms we had 3 weeks ago. Stress, no power, no internet, schools closed…all turned our worlds upside down. Our challengers rallied, and did the best they could…and that’s how life rolls right?!

Did you miss the challenge but still interested in cleaning up your nutrition? Not sure where to go? First…be sure to join our 203 nutrition page on facebook. This will provide ongoing resources, recipes, and support. Second, schedule a nutrition appointment with Coach Melissa. We’ve got various individual plans that can be found HERE.

For anyone interested in learning more about how to navigate a supermarket for healthy options…Natalie has arranged for a tour through Trader Joes! Come and learn about some great healthy products, and get some ideas for meal planning! She will host these tours Wednesday, June 13th and Wednesday, June 20th. Space is limited, so please be sure to sign up on the white board if you plan to attend!

We’ll leave you with some scary statistics to help reinforce the importance of making nutrition a priority in your life!

Did you know?…..
*Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, (processed and/or sugar laden), leads to a condition called hyperinsulinemia (Hyper—too much, insulin—the hormone, “emia”—in the blood).
*Hyperinsulinemia is AT THE ROOT of chronic disease, which includes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
*Chronic diseases are responsible for 70% deaths each year (according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)), and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for more than 80% of our nation’s health care costs.
*Americans are eating 156 POUNDS of added sugar a year (close to 1⁄2 pound/a day), such that 100 million Americans could have diabetes by 2050 (CDC)

**THIS is why we are trying so hard to get you guys to break the sugar addiction. Save the “crack” for big important events…your kid’s birthday, weddings, etc. Indulge, but do so armed with the information to keep you from coming back for seconds or falling hard off the nutrition wagon for weeks.

Think of food as the most powerful form of MEDICINE. BECAUSE IT IS.

**Prioritize your nutrition because you want to be healthy, or because you want to set a good example for your kids. Do it because you want to look good naked, or because you want to live to see your great grandkids born. Do it because you CARE about yourself and your family. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are killing people every day…don’t let yourself or your family be one of the statistics. It starts here with you, making the decision to be better, and then educating your friends and family. We can make a difference in the sad state of health our country is in. It’s not always easy…but neither is CrossFit…and you do that crazy shit every day!

Kylie and Pat handstand walking last week!

We got some good pics of those synchro lunges! Here is Eric and Sylvia finishing their set!

Love this pic….the vultures waiting for someone to drop! 🙂


Mother and daugher staying synchronized!

Kirk and Liguori working hard with those synchro lunges

Love this pic!

Sara and Robin teaming up

Christine looking STRONG with her deadlifts

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