We are happy to announce that we have a few schedule changes and also the addition of a class as well! We are going to be adding a “203 Moms Class!” geared toward mothers who are interested in working out, sweating and getting fit, but struggle getting to the gym because of a young one at home! We will be working with things like kettle bells, dumbells and other things that they can incorporate with or without a child in tow. This is a great intro to CrossFit and getting fit, healthy, and stronger!

The “Moms” class will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am with Coach Melissa B. We will hold the first classes the last week of September so be sure to spread the word to family or friends who might be interested! Please call (203-525-3005) or email (info@crossfit203.com) if you are curious about this class. 

We are also tweaking our 5 am classes…..they will now be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give you a breather from waking up so early! The 5 am class changes will begin next week with the class on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

And just a reminder that we are doing the “Saved By the Barbell” fundraiser on Saturday (Sept. 1). We will have one class at 9 am for everyone to throw down. Remember, to officially register and donate (and get a free t-shirt) go to THIS LINK. Otherwise we will accept donations in person! We’ll run 2 heats as needed with plenty of energy and support to get you through the WOD!

Finally, we will hold ONE class on Monday (Labor Day morning) at 9 am. Hope to see a big crew there!!!!

Melissa B going RX-plus with those walking lunges!

Kelly looking strong!

Charles and Sandra at the noon class

Great shot of Mike Q!

Kylie starting one of those tough seated legless rope climbs

Jimena graduated to the high bar for her T2B reps

Kristen snatching yesterday

Priscilla finishing a hang snatch