It’s “Games Week” here at CrossFit 203 as we will be tackling a bunch of workouts that the Masters and Teens did at the CrossFit Games earlier this month. These are some tough workouts that will challenge our RX athletes…let me tell you, the things these teens and 60-plus athletes did boggles the mind. Truly impressive to see! That said, we will of course have modifications to make sure everyone gets a really good workout.  It should be a great week!

Some schedule notes for this week, unfortunately we won’t be able to have 3 pm Open Gym on Monday or Wednesday. The Friday 4pm class is also on hold for one last week as we wrap up our Tween program!  In other news, our Saturday 8am Barbell Class is off to a great start! We’ll still hold the usual Tuesday 7pm class in addition to the new time Saturday, with different Olympic lifting programming for each day.

Some of the 6 am crew getting after it!

Teresa working up to a heavy set of 3 thrusters

Laurin working hard through this set of thrusters!

Making you guys hold hands during dodge ball was such a joy to watch!