Last Monday, a member of our 6 am crew said something that really stuck with me. She said (and I’ll paraphrase) “YES, I got to the gym Monday morning. That’s always my goal and it sets me up for a good week. If I don’t make it here Monday……for some reason it’s tough to get going and it really affects my week.”

So it got me thinking. What do you do to set yourself up for success? For the athlete above, it’s making it to the gym Monday morning. It sets her up for a good week. Is there a specific reason why it works for her? I really don’t know and maybe she doesn’t really know either. All we know is that it works for her somehow, some way.

What jump starts you? A certain amount of sleep? Good nutrition? Do you have to sit down and organize your week, balancing your work schedule with gym time? Maybe you have to meal prep over the weekend and it helps get you here during the week? Is it dependent on your kid’s schedules? Organizing school drop off and pick up? Working around and getting organized with your appointments and errands? Or maybe just COMMITTING to not hitting the snooze button and making it to an early morning class? Or COMMITTING to leave work and come directly to the gym. You know if you go home you get a bit too cozy sometimes!

Whatever it is, you need to find it your motivation. Something to set you up for success at the gym. Even if you aren’t even really sure why it works for you. Something will do the trick….you just need to keep trying things until you find it!

If tire flips are on the menu….you KNOW Mario will be there!

The moment Rachael lost during the pizza game warm-up

Amanda and Kim with some synchro lunges!

Cat getting after some deadlifts!

Joe getting in his first ever tire flips!

Oh…..that bike!!!!!

Some of Saturday’s class ripping through their deadlifts during the Saved by the Barbell fundraiser

The crew cheering the last team as they came in during Monday’s team workout

John with a great performance with that deadlift/run combo on Wednesday