As we mentioned in a previous post, we have a busy October and it will conclude with an in-house throwdown on Satuday, Oct. 27! We haven’t done one of these in a while so it’s about time we caught up! For those of you who haven’t done one before, here is what we have planned.

We will choose the teams for you. Our goal is to create even teams to try to make it impossible to predict who will win. Each team will have a level 3, level 2 and level 1 athlete. When you sign up, we will have you designate which level you think you are.

Our next goal is to create workouts that challenge everyone! The workouts will be tailored to each respective level of athlete. For instance, we once had a workout that involved a 95lb barbell for the men and a 65lb barbell for the ladies.  The Level 3 athlete had to OHS it, the Level 2 athlete had to front squat it, and the L1 athlete had to deadlift it. So, each athlete will have a movement and/or a weight they can handle. We obviously wouldn’t include something like pull ups for the level 1 athletes. We know you guys, so you will be able to handle the workouts. Yes…..YOU!!!! So sign up!!!!

There will be 3 or 4 events, and we’d like to keep the timeline from 9am to 1pm Saturday, and the results will be tracked. At the end of the event, the top 3 teams will be honored and have their picture taken on the “podium.”  The championship team will have their names engraved on our in-house throwdown trophy (which is hanging next to the front door), and we are working to secure some sweet prize packages for the winning team!  We’ll cap the event off with some adult beverages and a fun Fall Pot Luck to celebrate!

We have had a ton of fun with this event in the past and had great turnouts… let’s do it again! Since Halloween is right after the event, we will encourage a Halloween theme and may award extra points to athletes who choose to wear costumes and workout with them (if that’s even possible). If you have to tear your costume off in the middle of a workout, so be it!

Sign up in the next 2 weeks so we can get teams formed ASAP! If competing isn’t in the cards for you…we could still use your help with judging!  We’ll post a separate sign up for that.

Also this Saturday is the annual Battle for the Bell Competition at our friends CrossFit Strongtown in Southbury.  We have five teams competing and we will be defending 3rd place finishes for both the Big and Little Bells!  The event starts around 9am and will finish by 3pm.  Stop by to cheer on our athletes!

Adriana locking out a push jerk

Horacio tossing around 135 like it’s nothing

Rich landing a 30-inch box jump!

Air Damon

Jaylen made those jumps look way too easy!