Below are the workouts for the in-house competition! Be sure to look through them with your teams and talk about strategy. Also, if any of you think you CANNOT do a certain movement or weight, let us know and we can talk about modifications. Doors open at 8:15 am Saturday and we will brief the first workout at approximately 8:50 and start the first workout at 9 am. `

We are asking each team to elect a team captain to sign their scoresheets after each workout and also to submit your results into Sugar WOD. By doing SugarWOD, it will help us keep track of the standings after each workout. The team’s result will go in under your team captain’s name.

We will all have to help out with judging, but if anyone can stop by even for a little bit to help judge, let us know and come by to lend a hand!

Also a reminder about the potluck party after the competition. We will bring in some pulled pork and some desert. We need your help to bring in some more yummy food and beverages to enjoy after the competition! Start planning what you want to bring in. We hope to see some great food and drinks!

Reminder to our Nutrition Challengers, we will draw the winner for our weekly prize on Saturday. This week it will be a $50 raffle. You will be entered if you bring in pre-measured fruit or veggies for people to try, or if you recorded at least 3 perfect days during the challenge this week.

Now for the workouts!!!!

Workout #1
2 Rounds
1 minute at each station for max reps/cals for each athlete, running clock with all athletes working at the same time.
#1: Max cals on bike
#2: Max cals on rower
#3 medicine ball sit-ups (20/14# for level 3 and 2, 14/10# for level 1)
-rest 1 min after the 2 rounds are completed, then move onto workout #2-

Workout #2
AMRAP Lateral hop burpees. Each member goes for 1 min, 1 athlete works at a time, and teams can choose the order.

Workout #3
8 min AMRAP with a 95 barbell for the men, 65 pounds for the women. Level 1 athlete starts with 10 DL, when he/she is finished, L2 athlete does 10 power cleans, followed by the L3 athlete doing 10 squat snatches. Keep rotating for 8 minutes for max total rounds and reps.

8 Minute AMRAP (95/65)
Level 1 athlete - 10 Deadlifts
Level 2 athlete - 10 Power Cleans
Level 3 athlete - 10 Sq snatch

Workout #4
For time with 1 athlete working at a time
150 WB (20/14# to 11/10 feet for L3; same ball to 10/9 feet for level 2, and 14/10# to 9/8 feet for level 1
150 Box Jumps/step ups (24/20 for level 3 and 2, 20/16 for level 1, step ups allowed for level 2 and 1)
150 DB Power Snatch (Men: L3 50#; L2 35#; L1 25#; Women: L3 35#; L2 25#; L1 15#)

Split all reps as needed. Teams can choose the order they will rotate through. Each person must do at least 10 reps each time they are up for each respective movement.




Melissa B and Jimena working through their set of 10 pull-ups today

Dawn on her way to the wall during a set of walking lunges

Jaylen looking good with his pull-ups today!

Some Happy Birthday C2B pull-ups for Natalie!

Mike T. getting after his pull-ups

Sara looking strong with this pull-up!!!