I’m finally taking a minute to look back at everything that happened last weekend at the Battle for the Bell! The Battle is always one of our favorite local competitions and it was another great time despite the cold, wet and grey morning.

Congrats to everyone who participated and to Melissa and John’s team for placing second!!!!! Their performance with the bar muscle-ups put them over the top and it was so fun to watch! We had a great showing of athletes, spectators and judges helping out with this event.  It made us so proud to see 203 representing!

We’ll continue to try and promote these fun local competitions. We love these events. Are they nerve-wracking? Sure! But it makes you feel alive and you have to remember that you are there to have fun and see what you can do! We love the team competitions because it’s more fun to put it all on the line for/with your teammates. And that’s when your training pays off and you end up doing things you didn’t even think possible. SO many of you commented that you did so much better with the workouts compared to your practice sessions at 203. The competition atmosphere kicks in and the adrenaline is flowing and movements that seemed tough the week before all of a sudden feel so much better! Stay tuned and we will let you know when local competitions pop up in our area.

Speaking of….we hope you are signing up for our in-house competition on Saturday, Oct. 27! We have programmed the workouts and it’ll be fun…and yes you can ALL handle the events!

For level 3 athletes, no, we won’t be doing muscle-ups. You need to be able to handle the 20/14 pound med ball to 11/10 feet, squat snatch 95/65, jump on a 24/20 box and handle a 50/35-pound dumbbell power snatch.

For level 2, you’ll need to handle the 20/14 pound wall ball to 10/9 feet, power clean 95/65 pounds, jump or step up to 24/20 inch box, and power snatch a 35/20 pound dumbbell.

For level 1 athletes, you’ll be using a lighter med ball (14/10) to a lower target (9-feet/8-feet), a DB of 25/15#), step ups onto a 20/16 inch box, deadlifting the 95/65 bar. We are going to put teams together early next week so sign up ASAP!!!!

Kelly getting over that box

Justin cycling through those DB C&J’s

Jon tossing that DB around!

Lou getting that DB overhead!

Sara on her way down the floor with her OH lunges

Eric on his way up with a HSPU

Eliana during the barbell complex

John about to drop under a clean

Mindy looking fierce!!!!!