Congrats to all of our nutrition challengers!  They have just completed a four-week 800 gram challenge, where the goal each day was to eat 800g of fruits and veggies. This challenge was different than all our previous challenges because there were no restrictions or foods that were off limits.  We hope everyone enjoyed the experience and felt some health benefits from increasing their veggie intake!

Every single one of us could probably use more fruits and veggies in our lives! As we head into this holiday season we encourage everyone to stick with this…or at least give it a try.  It’s not realistic to totally deprive yourself of all holiday treats in the coming months with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming. But what if everyone committed to getting in their 800g of fruits and veggies each day before indulging? We bet there will be much less room for you to consume all the bad stuff!  No need to bring your food scale everywhere, shoot for 6 cups of fruit and veggies every day. Your stomachs and waistline will thank you come January!

And now for our winners!  Congrats to Laurin for being the overall winner of this challenge!  She earns a month of unlimited membership! Great job girl!

In second and third place respectively are John and Kylie!  They each win a 203 baseball 3/4 tee for their efforts!  Throughout this challenge we had weekly raffles for people who were consistent with logging scores. $50 was awarded to Trisha and Jack during the first 2 weeks.  Cat won a sweatshirt in week 3.  This week we awarded $50/sweatshirts to Kristen, Leslie, and Sylvia!  Congrats to all of our winners, we are proud of all your efforts!

Carlos enjoying Alberto’s birthday WOD on Sunday

Phillip looking calm and collected as he front squats, as usual

Dallas lifting heavy!

Steve working through tonight’s tough sets of strict press