We’ve been hit with two significant “setbacks” in the last handful of months. I say setbacks and not “disaster” because worse things can always happen, right? Anyway, the first was back in May when that micro/macroburst/tornado thingy hit us. We were all in that one together. No power for anywhere from a week or more. Damage to houses, cars, businesses and trees down literally everywhere. For some, they had to go through every single one of those things. But we were all in it together. Neighbor helping neighbor. The community really came together to get through it and after a few months we were pretty much back to normal after some blood, sweat and teamwork.

Last night and today CrossFit 203 was flooded thanks to a running toilet and a pipe blockage issue. It was only our building and mostly our space. Nobody up or down the road was dealing with flooding today. Every business I passed was open for business as normal. So today felt very isolating. We had to deal with this issue and close down for business when nobody else did.

But as the day went on, it wasn’t isolating at all. I’d say maybe as many as 30 or more people reached out to us, offering help, wondering what happened, and sending good thoughts and vibes. The texts and messages came one after the other as the day went by. Three gyms in the area even offered to host any of us for free drop ins until we get back up and running. (Thank you CrossFit Hook’d, CrossFit Bethel and CrossFit Strongtown!) Thankfully we were able to get a hard-working group of guys from ServPro, and we spent all day in the gym helping to dry the place out and clean up.  Tomorrow everything will get cleaned, and the drywall replaced.   We’ll use this as an opportunity to get the place looking even better than before!

We have some work ahead of us and, as you can see below, the gym looks awful. But we made huge progress today and are hoping for another productive day tomorrow. We are closed once again Friday but are hopeful we can hold a class this weekend. As always, we will keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who reached out today….it means a whole lot!!!!  Tune into SugarWOD for another home workout for anyone who wants to get something in at their house tomorrow.  

What a pile of ugliness 🙁

What’s left of Melissa’s office

It probably doesn’t look like it, but many of you were doing GHD sit-ups in this room yesterday

Bye-bye to some soggy, wet turf