We have officially entered what is always one of the most stressful and busiest 2 weeks of the year!  Do yourself a favor…be a little selfish and schedule some gym time for yourself!  Yes we know…there are a million and one little things that need to be done, but this is just as important.  An hour of working out will help your stress levels, your mood, and help counteract the booze and cookies you eat!  We promise to do burpees if you come in and don’t leave feeling better than when you came in!

While you are at it…here are a couple extra things you can do to help combat the holiday stress and bloat. 1) Drink water…lots of it. Think ½ your body weight in ounces.  2) Veggies…eat them!  Ideally at every meal, and for snacking! Baby carrots and bell peppers travel incredibly well and can hold you over during a long shopping trip. 3) Pack a muscle up bar, an Rx bar, or even a protein shake to tide you over while shopping or traveling  4) Fill up on a ton of lean protein the morning and afternoon before Christmas parties 5)Enjoy some special holiday treats you only get at Christmas time…but limit that to parties and special time with family and friends.  Keep the weekdays clean!

That being said, we wish you all the best this Holiday Season!  We hope to see you all here for a couple good workouts between now and New Years!  Be sure to get here for one of our favorite workouts of the year… The 12 Days of (CrossFit) Christmas!

SCHEDULE NOTE: We have a normal schedule this week but wanted to let you all know that we will be doing our annual “12 Days of Christmas” workout on Friday at all classes. For those of you who have done this workout…..we trust you remember it. For our newbies……just come and experience it for the first time this year! The rest of the Holiday schedule is below.

Monday 12/24: 1 class at 9:30 am
Tuesday 12/25 – CLOSED for Christmas
Wednesday 12/26 – 2 classes at 9 and 10 am. Open Gym from 11-1 pm.
Regular Schedule through the following weekend

Sara and Rodrigo during those devils presses the other weekend

1 of 100 pistols for Lisa during the 10 round workout last week

Amanda locking out a HSPU

Michelle tossing some weight overhead

Pete loving the DB snatches!!!!

Tony setting up for a DB snatch

Steph, Teresa and Fatima working on a set of T2B