It’s been a productive…..yet super chaotic week here at 203.  Lots of clean up, workers, construction and re-organizing.  Thank you for your patience while we get things built (and knocked down) and cleaned up!!!! We will hopefully be back at  100% by Tuesday evening!  The bottom line is this….we will be better than ever when we are finished! You’ll notice a bunch of new improvements and changes that took place over the weekend!  A HUGE thank you to Mario who took the lead and built us an amazing new storage system (along with new outside lighting around the building), Jack who did some serious wall demolition, Alberto who helped build and organize said storage shelf, along with Christine, Natalie, Lisa, Kylie, John, and Sara who all stuck around Saturday to help us clean and put things back in working order.

We are so grateful and proud of everyone for a job well done.  We can’t wait to wrap everything up for everyone to see!

A reminder that we are hosting a Ladies-only Holiday WOD and party this Friday, December 14th at 6pm. Be sure to RSVP on our ladies facebook page or let Melissa know! We’ve got a fun workout planned, followed by some wine, apps and dessert, and even a Yankee wine swap! Hope to see you all there!

**Schedule alert** Due to low attendance, the Saturday 8am barbell class has been canceled for the rest of the month.  Be sure to hit Brian’s class Tuesdays at 7pm for extra barbell work.

Rodrigo rolling through some T2B reps

Dawn working through a set of squats

Mindy having a good ‘ol time with some OH lunges

Miguel during a set of lunges

Christine looking strong!

Jon and Justin in the middle of a set of pull-ups

Joe and Sam with a set of ring rows