Tonight’s blog is courtesy of Coach Melissa B.!

We are LESS THAN A MONTH until one of the most fun and exciting times of the CrossFit year….the 2019 CrossFit Open! Five weeks of workouts created by the diabolical mind of Dave Castro from Crossfit HQ to test our fitness, and probably expose our weaknesses as well. With each passing year they have upped the ante regarding complex skills, especially those skills related to gymnastics (Um, hello…handstand walks last year!!!!).

There are also a few movements which have been in every CF Open (RX division) since 2011, notably chest to bar pull-ups and toes to bar. We’ve even seen regular pull-ups in the scaled division!

All that said, I’m excited to be launching two clinics leading up to the Open, which will be focused solely on these movements. The clinics will be designed for all levels, from those looking to get their first rep, to the athlete looking to consistently string sets of 5-10 or more. Each session will begin with drills on proper technique, and end with a fun workout to put it to the test!

We often touch on these movements in a regular class, but we can only do so much within a regular class structure. With these clinics, you will get TONS of coaching, tips and practice.  This is gymnastics, it’s similar to pilates classes and like pilates practice is the key to improving in any of these movements.

Dates for the clinics are as follows, and there will be a $20 drop in fee:

Saturday Feb 9. 10:30 am-12 noon. Clinic will focus on kipping and chest-to-bar pull-up mechanics
Sunday Feb 17. 9 am-10:30. Toes to bar mechanics

Teresa looking strong heading up the rope!

Rodrigo getting in a legless rope climb

Lia making the climbs look easy

Livia back at it!!!!!

Eliana cycling through her C2B pull-ups

Paula making easy work of her pull-ups tonight!