Back to basics January!  We’ll be spending this entire month revisiting the basics this month here at 203! Plan on seeing lots of air squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and hollow holds during warm ups!  And, you will all be taking a time out from all your gear. What does that mean? It means you will be putting away the lifters and weight belts!  Focus less on how much weight is on the bar or hitting the WOD Rx…and more on moving WELL and lifting what you can without any assistance!!  This will help us set a good foundation for the rest of the year. 

Taking some time to refocus will help all your weightlifting and gymnastics this coming year.  Your coaches are here to help you out. Be sure to check your ego at the door. We don’t care what you lift….we care about how you look, your technique, and the way you are moving. When you are encouraged to move a little slower, or drop some weight off your bar remember this is for your own good! 

I started this a bit early and did some “heavy” deadlifts on Saturday with no belt….not even a mixed grip. I just wanted to see how much I could lift without any assistance. And I actually loved it. I hadn’t done that in a while and it forced me to really lock in the form and I was happy with it. Was it super heavy? No. But it still felt good. 

And that’s what we do in CrossFit…..try different things and always experiment. Let’s take a different approach to things this month and see how it goes. We think it will pay off!

Working hard on those rowers Sunday morning!


Kylie on her favorite….the assault bike!!!!

Amanda locking out a thruster

Still feeling this cash out from last week???

Leslie at the bottom of a squat

Eric tossing some weight around!