February is almost here and we are so excited our expansion is coming along and almost complete!! The bathrooms have been finished, and we are excited to add two more showers to the facility for you early morning folks! With this additional space we look forward to adding more classes, including kids classes, specialty classes and plenty of Open Gym time!  The preliminary Annex Schedule is posted below, along with Kids class pricing. Stay tuned for the addition of yoga, a family friendly class, and more! We kick things off this weekend with our Get Moving Class and new Saturday Kids class! *Please note that Wednesday evening classes start on the half hour (beginning at 5:30 with endurance).

The Annex will be available to our Unlimited Members ONLY.  Our unlimited membership will now be called our “All Access” membership, and allow you to attend unlimited CrossFit classes as well as ANY class we offer in the Annex AND Open Gym time.  Pricing remains the same for individuals, but the Family Plan with two family members having All Access will go to $275.  We will continue to offer our CrossFit Class only Family Plan at regular rates.  If you are looking to take advantage of the new space and new classes, be sure to contact us to upgrade your 3x/week membership before the 1st of the month!

For any of you who have family members or friends who may not be interested in CrossFit, but are looking to join our Get Moving class, or attend our new HIIT class “203 Sweat,” we will offer membership to these programs alone for $99/month.

Lastly, a couple Open Gym rules!  You must be an All Access member to use Open Gym in the Annex.  Open Gym will be available for you to use basically anytime we are open, except during CrossFit Kid/tween times, Get Moving, or 203 Sweat.  If there is any other class going on, they have priority over any space or equipment.  Please be respectful with your volume and dropping of barbells.  The coach reserves the right at any point to ask you to leave if you are disruptive to their class.  We ask that any equipment used is wiped down and put away, that the garage door and regular door stay locked/closed at all times.  Be responsible with your lifts if you have no one to spot you.  While there may not be a coach in the room, please be advised that the room will be monitored by camera at all times.

Barbell: Same Barbell Club you love with Coach Brian…just at more convenient days and times!

Endurance: Due to popular demand we are adding a SECOND mid week endurance class!

Core:  This is way more than your 8 minute abs!  Spend 30 minutes with Alberto building a strong core with a class focused on midline accessory exercises.

STM: “Something to Move“:  Feeling a little sore from the week? Dealing with an injury? Just not up for an intense WOD? Join Melis for 45 minutes of various mobility, stability, and pre-hab exercise.  Instead of skipping the gym, come break a sweat, and help recovery.

203 Sweat: Join Melissa B for a barbell-free high intensity class that is sure to get you sweating and build strength!  This is a great option for friends and family who may not be interested in anything involving the barbell.  No CrossFit experience needed!

CrossFit Kids Pricing
Children of current members:

1 class per week: $50
2 classes per week: $75

Children of non-members
1 class per week: $75
2 classes per week: $99

The full schedule in the Annex is below!

Coach Sarah settling into a squat

Natalie doing Natalie things

Matthew, Mario and Joe enjoying today’s cash out

Sam sure enjoyed the cash out!

Kylie looking ripped!!!!

Oh….the faces we saw during that cash out!