We are bringing back our “Get Moving” class here at 203! We love everything about this class and are bringing it back better than ever! The Get Moving class is geared toward new athletes who have not worked out consistently (or at all) recently and who are older than 50 years of age. This will be a non impact class focused on functional strength training, conditioning, balance, and coordination.  It will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:45am starting this February.  Cost per month will be $99 plus CT sales tax. 

Do you know someone who would benefit from this class? Of course you do! You, or someone you know, wants to be able to play with their grand kids, easily tackle a flight of stairs, pick up and carry their groceries with ease, or walk a couple miles without fear of falling.  I think we all want to be fit, strong and independent as we get older. So help us get the word out! This was one of our favorite classes because of the incredible improvements we saw with each passing week from these individuals. This could literally change the quality of life for someone you love!  

Contact us at 203-525-3005 or info@crossfit203.com if you are interested!!!

Joe repping through some kettlebell swings

Stacey making the C2B pull-ups look easy

Alyssa locking out a clean and jerk

Elsa landing a split jerk

Cynthia catching some air on that 24 inch box

Jax making his way up the rope!