It’s time for the 203 Family to come together to raise some money for a good cause! We are hosting a fundraising event to support long time 203 members Mindy, Mike and their families. Both of these amazing families have been to hell and back this past year.  Both Mindy and Mike have been dealing with, fighting, and surviving cancer. They have been quiet and humble with their fight, but we know the costs associated with such a fight are staggering. As a community, we’d like to band together to raise some funds to help ease their burden.

Right now they need to focus on recovery…and not stress about bills. Join us Sunday, February 3rd for a fundraiser WOD. We will run a beginner-friendly partner workout (no prior CF experience is needed!)  This workout will run during the 9am and the 10am classes.  We will be selling t-shirts and sweatshirts with all the proceeds going to these families to assist them in their road to recovery. 

Please join us and show them the strength in this 203 community!

Papa John looking strong!!!!

Cathy tossing around that barbell today

Paul getting some air

Kendra working through a set of snatches

Lauren getting after the Monday workout!