The scores for week 1 of the CrossFit 203 Intramural Open are IN!!!!  The Millennials lead after week 1…they dominated the ladies RX scores, claiming 4 of the top 5 spots, and also the top 3 male scores.

We awarded points to the top 5 RX male and female scores, and also some scaled scores. Since not a ton of people did the scaled workout, we are awarding points to 1 male and two females in that division only. Bonus points for certain categories and awards we will hand out week to week are listed below as well.

Point totals after week 1:
Millennials – 36
Masters- 23

RX Males
1.) Mike Leo – 328: 5pts
2.) Carlos – 304; 4pts
3.) John R. – 288: 3pts
T4.) Jack – 266: 2pts
T4.) Lou – 266: 2pts
T4.) Alberto – 266
T4.) Justin – 266: 2pts

RX Females
1.) Lisa – 241: 5pts
2.) Jenn – 236: 4pts
3.) Michelle J – 228: 3pts
4.) Sara – 223: 2pts
5.) Elsa – 221: 1pt

Scaled Men
1.) Joe – 184: 5pts

Scaled Women
1.) Teresa – 192: 5pts
2.) Cynthia – 152: 4pts

We had some other bonus points, which are listed out below. Congrats to everyone!

“Fire In the Gut” Award: This goes to someone each week who shows extra effort, guts, and perseverance during the Open workout. This week, the award goes to Amber! “Fire in the gut” was quite literally the case for Amber. Let’s just say she had to make a quick visit outside…..then run back in to resume her workout. It was amazing to watch. She just hopped back in and continued her wall ball shots. Haha! Loved seeing that Amber!!!!

Photos of the Week: We are giving bonus points to Laurin, Kim and Rodrigo for the photos you see above and below. We love all of them and they are our pics of the week!!!!!

MVP: SAM! Sam was here basically all weekend helping out judging and doing whatever she could to help out. We thank everyone for pitching in…..this all couldn’t be done without you, but Sam gets MVP this week!

Best Dish: Kendra! Her Sausage and Peppers dish was amazing. Loved it!!!!!

Bonus point to our Masters 45 and over crew who supplied everyone with a ton of yummy food for after the workout.

Team Spirit:  Each team gets a point for some hilarious team spirit posters that were made and hung up across the gym!

Spirit of the Open: Jeanine!  This week Jeanine embodied what the Open is all about.  She had never used the 14lb ball to the 9ft target…ever.  But, she was determined to step up her game and decided to Rx this workout.  She may have gotten over 50 no reps…but was able to complete 124 reps Rx! Congrats Jeanine, we are proud of you!



Pregnant? No problem. Loved seeing Kim getting after 19.1!!!!

Laurin somehow found the time to smile during that tough workout. Glad you had fun in your first-ever Open workout!!!!