We usually talk up the CrossFit Open much, much earlier than this, but with the expansion and new classes and everything else, we are a little late. But here we go. The Open is almost here!!!!! The 2019 Open is coming up in about two weeks and we will once again be doing the 203 “Intramural Open” to make things interesting within the gym for the five weeks of action. BUT, we have one big wrinkle to add to the mix. We will be splitting into only TWO teams……Millennials vs. the Masters!!!! Anyone under the age of 35 will be on the Millennial team. Anyone 35 years and up is on the Masters squad. These two teams will go head to head with a similar scoring structure as last year, with points being scored for top RX and scaled scores, bonus points galore, points for PR’s and also spirit/sportsmanship points as well. If you do the workouts, are into it, give effort and are supportive to your fellow athletes…..you WILL score points for your team. We will be getting t-shirts for each team, as always, to appropriately represent your team. We will vote on team colors shortly. If you would like one please put your tank or tee shirt size next to your name! If you are going to sign up, please put your name on the big white board at the garage door, under your age category. You also need to sign up on-line (see below).  
Even though we haven’t really talked up the Open much, we already have over 50 people signed up on the board! But we know more of you can and WILL join soon.
For those of you who are new to the gym, the CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition that the majority of CrossFit gyms join. CrossFit headquarters will release a workout each week for 5 weeks (from Feb. 21 to March 26) and everyone who signs up does the workout and records their score on-line. Everyone is ranked among their respective age group, state, world, etc.
That said, you don’t need to be a fire-breather to compete. Far from it. RX and scaled workouts are released each week, so anyone at this gym can sign up and participate. We want to highlight the fact that THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! YOU, yes YOU can do these workouts and have some fun with us. So just sign up! It’s only $20 to register. Go to https://games.crossfit.com/ and find Team CrossFit 203 and sign up.
By splitting into teams, it just makes things even more spicy. Let the trash talk begin!!!!!!

Great to see Lucy back in action!

Michelle tossing some weight around

Justin getting under a clean

Robin and Sara working through those heavy KBS

Jonathan during a set of KBS on Tuesday

Angie finishing a 50-foot DB lunge