19.2 was a repeat (it was also 16.2) so it’s been a while since any of us have done that one….and many of you took a shot at it for the very first time, leading to some awesome performances! This was one of those workouts that was SO much tougher if you scaled it and made it the full 20 minutes. A lot of RX athletes (and scaled) were done after 8 minutes. However, many of you went right to the end and almost finished, and one athlete, Michelle, finished the entire scaled workout!!!!

The Masters started making a comeback after a good showing with 19.2. However, the Millennials still lead overall by a score of 70-59. There were a lot of ties, so the tie-breaker time decided a lot of points. The scoring this week was 31-29 in favor of the Millennials when computing only the top five athletes from each division.  More bonus points and awards are below.

Overall Score after 2 weeks:
Millennials: 70
Masters: 59

Men’s RX
Mike Leo: 257 – 5 points
Alberto: 175 – 4 points
John R.:175 – 3 points
Jack: 174 – 2 points
Kirk: 168 – 1 point

Men’s Scaled
Matthew – 426 – 5 points
Pete: 424 – 4 points
Jason: 347 – 3 points
Tony: 345 – 2 points
Damien: 345 – 1 point

Women’s RX
Elsa: 233 – 5 points
Lisa: 218 – 4 points
Melissa B: 177 – 3 points
Stacey: 169 – 2 points
Eliana: 129 – 1 point

Women’s Scaled
Michelle: 19:28 – 5 points
Stephanie S.: 429 – 4 points
Livia: 423 – 3 points
Christine: 344 – 2 points
Jimena: 263 – 1 point

“Fire in the Gut” Award: This goes to Steph S.!!!! Steph battled to the very end and very nearly finished the scaled workout. She hit a squat clean PR five times!!!! She had never lifted more than 123, but she got the 135-pound bar five times and was close to finishing! It was awesome to watch. Congrats Steph!!! One point for the Masters!

Team Spirit: Mario, Christine and Pete took this one with their outfits. 1 point for the Masters!

“Spirit of the Open:” This award goes to Paula this week!!! Paula could have gone either RX or scaled with 19.2. She has good T2B, is starting to improve with her DU’s and let’s be honest….the first barbell was almost her body weight!!! But she dug deep, wanted to give RX a go and she did! Did it take a while to get through those 50 double-unders? Yes. Could she have blown through 50 single-unders much easier? Yes. But she decided on RX and she ended up with a score of 84 reps. Loved seeing her battle with this workout. It was inspiring. Keep it up Paula!!!!!

Pic of the Week: We had a TON of candidates but we went with this pic of Tony fighting through his last reps of cleans. Even you can’t really see his face, you can tell he is relieved after standing this one up! And everyone around him cheering. Great pic!!!!

Best Dish: I have to give the Millennials some credit. The food was amazing! I can’t even put my finger on one dish because there was so much good stuff. One point for the Millennials!  NOTE: This week, the Masters group aged 35-44 is up! Make a plan and bring some great food and treats on Saturday! Can’t wait!!!!

MVP: This one goes to Lisa! Lisa got there early for Friday Night Lights and set up whiteboards at each station that listed all of the different weights and rep schemes. It was super helpful. And she stuck around late to lock up to allow me to get home to my babysitter, which was HUGE! She also helped organize and judge the athletes who did 19.2 on Monday. Thanks for all the help Lisa!!!! 1 point for the Millennials.

Personal Record bonus points
Stephanie S’s clean – 1 point
Laurin’s clean – 1 point
Teresa’s clean – 1 point
Mindy’s clean – 1 point

Pete loosening his old bones before his heat

Phillip looking good at the bottom of this clean

Sandra cycling through her knee raises

Sam looking strong with her clean!

Cat fighting for this clean!!!

Paula during a set of double-unders

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