19.3 is in the books and most of us were  pretty sore for a few days after all those lunges and box step ups. On to 19.4! But first, we look at the scores for our battle between the Masters and Millennials. The Masters had a huge week, sweeping the scaled men’s top 5 and nearly sweeping the RX men’s division as well! For the week, the masters out-scored the millennials in the workout, 42-18 and 44-21 when including bonus points. As a result, the  Masters have taken the overall lead, 103-91!!!!! 

19.4 will take place this Friday night! Doors open at 5:15, first heat goes off around 6 pm!  The men are in charge of food this week!  Best dish points up for grabs!….and no your wife/girlfriend cant make it for you!

Now let’s look at the special awards for the week.

RX Men
1.) Carlos – 122
2.) Alberto - 116
3.) Kirk – 111
4.) Jack – 109
5.) Brian – 103

RX Women
1.) Melissa B. – 116
2.) Lisa - 107
3.) Stacey –  105
4.) Jenn - 103
5.) Kylie - 102

Scaled Men
1.) Mario - 170
2.) Rich - 131
3.) Tony - 90
4.) Nick - 90
5.) Phillip - 83

Scaled Women
1.) Melis - 162
2.) Eliana - 121
3.) Paula - 120
4.) Cynthia - 114
5.) Teresa – 99

Fire in the Gut – This week this award goes to Mike E!  As you all know, this was one of the toughest scaled workouts in Open history. Same weight and box height as RX. Mike, not the tallest or most flexible person, had to give all out effort to get his foot up onto that box for every one of his box step ups. But he kept after it for the entire 10 minutes, squeezing out every rep possible. It was inspiring to see Mike. Let’s go!!!!!

Spirit of the Open: We chose Sam this week! Sam has struggled with lunges since starting CrossFit. So, let’s just say that she wasn’t looking forward to this one, which started with 200 feet worth of lunges. BUT, Sam got after it and accomplished her first ever lunges. Congrats Sam! We can’t wait to see many, many more!!!

Food point: The 35-44 age group did quite well with their waffle and pancake bar after the action on Saturday. It was creative and delicious and we thank Miguel for the idea. Point for the masters!

Best Dish: Amber made an absolutely AMAZING quiche and earns dish of the week….although Melissa B’s mimosa bar was pretty amazing too!

MVP: This goes to Eliana this week! Chances are, Eliana has been in your face at some point during an Open workout. Cheering, pushing and urging you to go faster and work harder. And she spent a lot of time judging this week, even staying late Monday evening and helping to judge our last athletes get through 19.3. Thanks for all your support Eliana!!!!

Photo of the Week: TBA…we will post the pic of the week Thursday!