19.4 is in the books and it was a tight race between the Masters and Millennials! The breakdown of the top five finishers in each division is below. It certainly was a close one when looking at just the workout points, with the Millennials taking it, 32-28. When all is tallied up including bonus points, the Millenials took the week with 35 points, with the masters close behind with 32 total points.  However, after four weeks, the Masters still hold a slim lead, 135-127.

Men’s RX
1.) Alberto – 113
2.) Leo – 95
3.) Jack – 95
4.) Kirk – 95
5.) Rich – 95

Men’s Scaled
1.) Pete – 10:55
2.) Rodrigo – 11:08
3.) Damien – 11:31
4. Jason - 128
5.) Mike Q – 127

Women’s RX
1.) Melissa B – 97
2.) Lisa – 89
3.) Eliana – 73
4.) Stacey – 72
5.) Elsa – 71

Women’s Scaled
1.) Jenn – 10:45
2.) Kylie – 11:02
3.) Paula – 11:53
4.) Livia – 130
5.) Steph S. – 124

Pic of the Week: This was a tough one. So many amazing bar muscle-up and pull-up photos. So much sweat, tears and determination.  We have a tie between Lisa and Paula!  We love the shear look of determination of Lisa’s pic!  And let’s be honest…I think at some point during these last 4 weeks we all felt Paula’s pain, and this pic perfectly depicts how we feel about some of Dave Castro’s Open workouts!

MVP: Miguel! Miguel takes this one. He was tossing around ideas for the amazing food and drink spread the men put on after Friday Night Lights. And he hung around all night setting up, organizing, and making sure everyone had a good time and got plenty of food. Amazing job Miguel!!!!!

Dish of the Week: Damon! Damon went all out with the steak crostini, including a mini blow torch and god knows what else he had going on. But it was worth it!!! It was crazy delicious!

Spirit of the Open: It’s a preggo tie between Sarah and Kim (who, um, had a baby last night! Congrats to Kim and Alberto and their entire family!). Sarah and Kim have both been doing the Open and doing what they can. Parts of a workout here, some of a workout there and modifying certain movements. But they’ve been here to work out, help out, judge and just generally kick ass in every way!

Fire in the Gut: Of course our resident Irishman, Damien, got it done on St. Patrick’s Day! Damien did the workout initially on Friday and nearly finished the scaled workout. Even though it was a tough workout, Damien KNEW he could finish it even if it would be uncomfortable along the way. Well, he came back in Sunday and finished with plenty of time to spare. And he ate a bunch of corned beef and cabbage post WOD.

We are headed into the 5th and FINAL week of the open!  Tomorrow (Thursday) we will throw down immediately following the Open Announcement for anyone who wants to.  The energy is electric…if you haven’t attended a Thursday night announcement, come on down!  We will need a bunch of judges to help out as well!  Our main event will take place Saturday morning!  The Ladies are in charge of food…and no one is allowed to leave until all the booze in the fridge is gone! Let’s end the 2019 CrossFit Open with a bang!  Let’s see who will take the crown this year?! Masters…or Millennials?!

Lisa….co-photo of the week!!!!!

Amanda working hard!

Lou getting over the bar

Eliana putting up a top score for the Millennials!

Phillip attacking!

Jenn and Cathy working through a set of 10 snatches

Awesome pic of Robin!


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