19.5. Brutality. That’s the word that comes to mind when thinking about 19.5. To a great many of us, it was the toughest workout…..let alone most brutal Open workout, that we have ever done. We now celebrate that it’s over, look at the standings and see who won our battle of Masters vs. Millennials!!! The Masters have taken the title with a final score of 169-159! The workout points were close for 19.5, with the Masters taking it 31-29, and tying with the same number of bonus points for our weekly awards. See the breakdown below and congratulation to the Masters!!!!  Millennials…see getting old isn’t so bad?!  You actually will get fitter! In all seriousness we had such a blast these past 5 weeks.  The community came together to support one another, and the true spirit of the CrossFit Open was felt every single week.  We hope you all had a good time, and we thank you for your participation!!  Masters have earned bragging rights for the year, and Millennials…be prepared for some extra burpees this week! 

Men’s RX
1.) Mike Leo – 18:24
2.) Alberto – 201
3.) Carlos - 194
4.) John – 183
5.) Rich 168

Men’s Scaled
1.) Pete – 9:58
2.) Rodrigo – 12:46
3.) Matthew – 13:58
4.) Mario – 18:03
5.) Miguel – 18:19

Women’s RX
1.) Melissa B – 19:15
2.) Elsa – 19:33
3.) Lisa – 19:49
4.) Jenn – 179
5.) Kylie - 171

Women’s Scaled
1.) Steph S. – 9:37
2.) Melis – 9:59
3.) Livia – 10:05
4.) Michelle – 11:48
5.) Cathy – 11:49

Pic of the Week: So many pain faces to choose from in that brutal workout! I don’t think we’ve ever seen a crop of photos this amazing because of the effort and battle we all went through. BUT, everyone seems to get a kick out of Tony’s photo below. I’ve had SO many people tell me that it has to be the Photo of the Week. Love it!

MVP: We have two. First is Rich! Rich was a rock star all throughout the Open. He’d get there early to help set up, he was there to judge and help organize heats and get the action started if we needed someone to kick things off and start the clock. And he printed out a ton of scoresheets for us to use every week.

We also wanted to give a bonus point to Brenden for taking the amazing photos you saw each week, as well as hitting each of the workouts (he had to hit 19.5 alone during Open gym last Monday…..and you know that was not easy to do alone). I’ll be printing some of the pics out to hang on the wall because they are so great. Thanks Brenden!

Dish of the Week: This week it goes to Cynthia!!! WOW! Her wontons were SO amazing and stood out among some other really delicious food provide by the ladies at the 19.5 after party. Thanks for bringing them Cynthia! So delicious!!!!

Spirit of the Open: Kylie! You all know Kylie and what an amazing athlete she is. Last year, she was ranked among the top 45 fittest teens in her age category in the world! And the top in Connecticut! She has been battling a back issue and wasn’t sure if she would be able to do any of the Open workouts. She scaled some and had to make up her own version of a couple of them, but she was right in there with us all. She has been working HARD to get healthy and was able to do two of the workouts RX and put up a couple of the top scores in the gym……including the brutal 19.5 workout! We know how mentally challenging it is to go from top athlete in your division, to being forced to scale workouts. So kudos to her for handling this with such maturity and positivity.  Not only did she participate in the workouts, but she was here for every single Thursday announcement to help judge, as well as Saturdays and Sundays. We are proud of everything you were able to do in the Open Kylie!

Fire in the Gut: Erica! Erica signed up for her first Open and we are so happy she decided to put herself out there. And we are so impressed with how hard she worked in each and every one of those tough workouts! I mean, you could see it in her face after every workout. She gave her all and battled with 19.5 SO hard! Great job Erica. We are proud of you and so impressed with what you did during the Open!

Photo of the Week goes to Tony!!!!

What a crew!!!! Congrats to everyone for doing the Open this year!!!!