Our Spring Nutrition Challenge starts tomorrow! As a reminder, this is a 5-week challenge from Monday, April 22 to Sunday, May 26. Oh, and we are hitting a little workout called “Murph” the following day on Memorial Day. So those of you on the challenge will be in tip top shape!!!!

Please reference our prior blogposts for complete food rules but here are the important things to remember!

*NO alcohol for the first two weeks! Yup! Detox time! After the initial 2 weeks you will be allowed 2 drinks per week without penalty.
*Sugar and processed/refined carbohydrates are off limits. This means no candy, chocolate, breads, pastas, bagels, cereal, etc. You are responsible for checking ALL food labels. Any sauce, dressing, yogurt, marinade…ect with any ADDED sugar are also off limits. Keep in mind all of these will list some grams of sugar but check the INGREDIENT list.
*In weeks 4 and 5 we will allow one cheat per week. This will be ONE food or drink item; not a whole meal.
Please note that we will be including negative points that we will label “going overboard” penalties. What we have seen before is people having ONE drink, losing a point, and then saying to themselves, I lost my point, might as well have 10 drinks! In that case, you will lose nine additional points. If you do cheat, keep it reasonable and you will get maximum results from this challenge!

Here’s what you CAN eat! Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes…get in lots of good protein! (whey and other protein powders are allowed as well). Eat all the veggies your heart desires! A reasonable amount of fruit, a small amount of starches daily (rice and potatoes), and any seasoning as long as sugar is not in the ingredients. Salsa, balsamic vinegar, spices are all allowed!

Every week you are able to earn up to 10 points for your team! One point for every day that you eat clean and avoid alcohol. 1 point for getting to the gym three times a week or more. 1 bonus point each week to be announced every Sunday night. And 1 weekly gym challenge point, which will again be announced every Sunday night.

We haven’t done a Challenge Workout in a while but decided to do one this time. Monday’s workout will be a “Challenge WOD!” It will be repeated during the last week of the challenge. Be sure to get to class…top scores will earn points for their teams right off the bat! If you are unable to make class you will have the opportunity to make up the workout during the week at open gym time in the Annex.

Teams will be announced on our 203 Nutrition facebook page Monday night…be sure to join for all challenge announcements!