Nutrition Challenge!
Dates: Monday, April 22nd – Sunday, May 26th

Let’s take the 5 weeks between Easter and Memorial Day to get ourselves eating healthy and back on track with our nutrition.  The focus for this challenge will be on eating for wellness.  This means cutting out the sugar, refined and processed carbohydrates, and for a 2 week period, no alcohol.  We want you to fill your plates with veggies, lean protein sources, some fruit, a little starch…and NO sugar.  Depending on the number of participants signed up, we will divide into teams for accountability and support. There will be a $25 buy-in fee.

Week 1-2: No sugar or alcohol of any kind or in any form…even naturally occurring. Bonus points will be given for cutting out dairy as well!  Sugar is found added in 3/4 of everything you buy on the grocery store shelves.  You must carefully check all sauces, yogurts, bars etc.  This also means no breads, pastas, pastries, cereal, wine, honey, artificial sweeteners, ect.  Potatoes, rice, and oats will be allowed.  No juices or sodas.  Water and seltzer are the way to go. We will allow protein powders.

Week 3: Same rules apply from week 1/2 but we will allow for 2 glasses of red wine, or two 1-oz shots of tequilla or clear rum.  (Cannot be mixed with sugary beverage).

Week 4 and 5: We will allow for 1 cheat each of these weeks.  This can be in the form of an extra drink, a serving of dessert, or a reasonable serving of bread/pasta, ect.

The winning team will be awarded cash.  We will also award ONE overall individual winner who really went above and beyond with the challenge and award him or her a month’s membership!

We don’t expect perfection….but we do expect your full effort.  We will provide guidance and support along the way.  Now is the time to take control of your eating habits, feel good about your body, and fuel the right way for your workouts! After all…..summer is right around the corner!!!

A sign up will be posted at the gym this week! Stay tuned for a day/time for a Nutrition lecture from Coach Melissa leading up to the Challenge!

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