“Hero” Saturdays are coming! The past couple years we have programmed Hero Workouts in the weeks between Memorial Day and the 4th of July!  We are excited to announce that we are keeping the traditional alive this year. We will program a Hero WOD every Saturday leading up to the fourth of July (when we will have another hero workout ready for you all). We hope you join us to hit these workouts on Saturday mornings!!!!

For our new members, hero workouts are tough and challenging workouts named after military heroes as a way to honor and remember them. Our recent “Murph” workout on Memorial Day is one of the more famous hero workouts, which honors Lt. Michael Murphy, who lost his life fighting for his country in 2005. Tens of thousands of CrossFitters did “Murph” on Memorial Day, both here in the US and also around the world. But, there are many, many other hero workouts and we will honor them by programming them in the coming weeks. Some of these workout can be done individually, some will be done with a partner, and we will have modifications to allow everyone to do a version of each of the workouts. Either way, you will get a great workout and we will honor a military hero.


Sylvia looking strong!!!

Pete having fun with some DB lunges!


Jen working through some power cleans

Mike Q giving us a fond reminder of those ring push-ups

Lisa L setting up for a lift!

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