Our Spring Nutrition Challenge is in the books and we really enjoyed seeing all the progress our participants made. We split up into teams loosely based on the class time usually attended, and the 6 am took home the championship! That team is made up of Coach Alberto, John, Rose Marie, Jeanine, Cat, Damon and Ray! This team did REALLY well with their nutrition scores, hit the gym hard and attacked all of the bonus points we offered. They all showed impressive “Fight Gone Bad” improvements, and had some of our best before and after pictures! Congrats to the winning team! We have your cash prize at the gym.

We also saw some amazing before and after photos, and we want to give them a shout out here. We wanted to give credit to Kelly, Cindy and Cat for their before and after photos. They all trimmed down and toned up and they deserve recognition for their hard work. Congrats!

And now for our overall winner! Congratulations to Sandra!!!!! We are awarding Sandra a FREE All-Access month of CrossFit for her amazing progress during the 5-week challenge. Her before and after photos were judged to be the best of all we received. In five weeks, she made obvious, noticeable changes to her body and we were incredibly impressed.  Her results weren’t that surprising though, because we saw her scores on the board each week and witnessed her working hard at the gym consistently for the ENTIRE five weeks. She took on all of our weekly challenges, and was a positive voice of support to her team.

Hard work pays off….there is no short cut, and Sandra is a perfect example. Congratulations Sandra! We hope you continue to feel great and continue on this journey of health. We hope all of our challengers enjoyed this reset back to clean eating and use it as a catalyst to continue it during the summer. For all our other members, we hope these guys have inspired you to make small changes to your own nutrition and gym routines. Every step counts, and we are here to support you however you may need.  

Congrats to our overall Nutrition Challenge winner…Sandra!!!!

Mikey Moves with some strict HSPU’s

Michelle rolling through some deadlifts

Mario and Christine getting after it!

Trish tossing some weight up!

Damon locking out a push press