The fourth of July is coming up on Thursday, and we set our holiday schedule for the week. We will have a regular schedule through Wednesday’s classes. Thursday, on the 4th, we will have TWO classes at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. We will be doing a Hero workout that we think you will all like, picked out by Coach Brian! It’s one of our favorites! Come WOD before heading out for your holiday BBQ’s!

We will also have a modified schedule on Friday the 5th.  We will hold a 9am and a 10am class.  The annex will be available for Open Gym time from 9-11am.   

Regular schedule resumes on Saturday and through the weekend.

We also need you all to mark your calendars! The 203 Summer Pool party is scheduled for Saturday, July 27 at the Martin residence, just like last year. Lake life, pool life, and plenty of food and drinks. Thanks again to the Martins for offering to host again this year! We can’t wait!

Charles in the middle of that set of 30 front rack lunges last week

Jill getting after it!

Kylie during a set of deficit HSPU

Kristen locking out a DB thruster

Ray finishing a muscle-up transition

Jeanine getting some air!

Sarah and Lisa L. airborne during a box jump