The Battle of the Sexes has officially begun and we finally saw what was in store with the first workout of the CrossFit Open. Lots of barbell and a ton of burpees. After week 1, the scores are in and the women are off to a fast start. Can the men catch up with 20.2????

As for scoring, we are listing the top 4 performances from each age group below. The first-place finisher gets awarded 4 points, second place gets 3 points, and so on. Each special award gets 1 bonus point, but the Main Event winner gives an extra FIVE points to his or her team.

Congrats to all of our competitors. We are so proud of all of you! Congrats to anyone competing in their first Open, and to the MANY who did their first Rx workout in the Open!

Week 2 brings another face off, and a new ‘theme’. This week we celebrate your favorite sport (besides CrossFit!) Wear your favorite team’s gear… dressed wins a point! Ladies you are in charge of food this week, best dish can be from any gender and will earn their team some points!

RX (under 35)
Lisa – 13:59
Mike – 14:23
Carlos – 178
Kylie – 167

RX: Masters 35-49
Melissa B – 14:46
Alberto – 166
Melis – 165
Jack - 153

RX: Masters 50-plus
Matthew – 162
Cathy - 147
Rich – 136
Mario - 124

Scaled: (under 35)
Cynthia – 149
Lia - 128
Chris – 127
Mike Earle – 94

Scaled: Masters 35-49
Rachael – 14:52
Teresa – 14:56
Kristen – 167
Cindy – 136

Scaled: 50-plus
Kendra: 127
Rose Marie – 123

Spirt of the Open: This goes to Tony! Tony traveled 13,000 miles over the span of the first week of the Open and completed 20.1 at a hotel gym in Singapore…..NOT optimal for any CrossFitter, but he got it done. Congrats to Tony for doing that one solo in a faraway place on a business trip….he had every excuse to not do it. Impressive!!!!

MVP: We have to give a shout out to three ladies, Sara, Kylie and Christine. They were there for all of us last weekend…..for the athletes on Thursday night, Friday night and also Sunday morning. Christine was also there to help with Lainey/judging when Melis and Kirk did the workout Friday morning, while Sara and Kylie stuck around to cheer Jenn when she did the workout solo Saturday morning. Love the spirit and their love for everyone at 203. Bonus point for the ladies team.

Photo of the Week: We have a tie! The photos below of Cat and Rodrigo are both pretty amazing. One point for both teams!!!

Team Spirit: We want to give a bonus point for the team who had the most people officially sign up for the Open on the CrossFit Games website. We honestly hadn’t looked and……the women take it! We are proud of everyone who officially signed up and willing to put their scores out there for everyone to see. Bonus point for the women!

Main Event Throwdown: As expected as soon as the workout was announced, Melis takes home 5 bonus points for the women for beating Kirk (soundly) in 20.1. We will pick another two people to do a showdown tomorrow. Any volunteers?! We love the idea of Lisa and Carlos going head to head!

TOTAL POINTS (after week 1)
Women: 46
Men: 21


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