Week 2 is under our belts and we are preparing for the release of 20.3 later tonight! The men had a much better showing this past week, but the ladies still managed to take week 2 with a score of 34-26. Our total score now is 81-46, with the ladies keeping a strong lead! Let’s see what week 3 brings and if the men can make a comeback!

The men are in charge of food this week, and we will have some fun with our 80’s theme for Friday Night Lights tomorrow!! Remember, as usual, doors open at 4:30, and the first heat starts at about 5:30!

20.2 Results!

RX (under 35)
Carlos – 625
Mike – 612
Lisa – 578
John - 554

RX: Masters 35-49
Melissa B – 589
Melissa R – 554
Kirk – 482
Jack - 417

RX: Masters 50-plus
Cathy - 311
Matthew – 276
Robin – 239
Rich - 44

Scaled: (under 35)
Corey – 820
Chang – 763
Jason - 751
Michelle - 749

Scaled: Masters 35-49
Jeanine – 860
Kristen V. – 816
Cat – 782
Ray - 733

Scaled: 50-plus
Mario – 688
Rose Marie – 653
Kendra - 533

Spirt of the Open: This week Spirit of the Open goes to Cathy! Hours before Friday Night Lights, Cathy messaged us for advice on whether or not to do this workout scaled or Rx. She was concerned about the T2B and said she had only ever gotten two in her whole life. With a little encouragement she took on 20.3 RX…and not only did she accomplish T2B, she wound up with the HIGHEST Masters Rx score! That and some pretty nasty hand tears…but all for the points, right Cathy?! Congrats, we are so proud of you!

MVP: We are giving out 2 points this week, to both Sam and Alberto! Sam was everywhere for 20.2. She was there Thursday evening for our fake FB Live video (and she came up with the idea), Friday night, Sunday morning and, more impressive, she stayed at the gym for hours Monday evening to judge Courtney at 7 pm (right before the 8 pm deadline). Alberto was around as well despite not competing Friday due to his Battle for the Bell competition Saturday. And he is always sticking around in the early mornings to judge people who can’t make it to Friday Night Lights. Thanks you two!!!

Photo of the Week: TBD

Best Dish: Kendra gets the point this week! She not only made an AMAZING chili, but brought along ALL the fixings as well!

Team Spirit: We have to go with the guy’s team on this one, led by Coach Kirk with all of his gear (socks, shirt, warm-up shirt and goofy hat.) Most of the guys wore some sort of a jersey, socks or hat (along with many ladies as well). Get ready for our 80’s theme this week! Another bonus point will be up for grabs!


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