Despite the men having a great final week with workout 20.5…..the Battle of the Sexes is over and the LADIES have taken home the title!!!! Congrats to the women who put in strong work during all five weeks of the CrossFit Open. Impressive job! Details are below including scoring and special awards for 20.5.

MVP: SETH! Seth was working hard on Friday night and judged someone during every heat. He had team spirit all during the Open and pushed himself with all the workouts. Thanks for all you did this year Seth!!!!

Team Spirit: We have to go with Rodrigo. Even though we didn’t do a theme this week, he did most of the workout with that 80’s wig he loves so much. All the while banging out muscle-ups after just getting his first ring muscle-ups recently. He ended up with 23 muscle-ups! Impressive performance!!!!

Dish of the Week: Christine’s meatballs seemed to be a hit. Thanks to everyone who contributed something to that amazing spread!

Spirit of the Open: Jack! Jack has a little shoulder issue and the ONLY thing that seems to bother him are ring muscle-ups or ring dips. So, he avoids them when they show up in regular workouts and subs strict pull-ups, pull-ups or sometimes some bar muscle-ups. As usual, they showed up in the Open and he wanted a shot at them….and ended up getting 19 of them in 20.5!!!! And he came out of the workout feeling pretty good too! After not doing muscle-ups for pretty much a full year, he was looking great with them. Congrats Jack!!!!

RX Division (34 and under)
Carlos: 19:38
Leo: 236
John: 231
Rodrigo: 223

RX Division (35-49)
Alberto – 232
Kirk – 225
Jack – 219
Melis- 219

RX Division (50 and up)
Matthew – 230
Robin – 200

Scaled (34 and under)
Jenn – 14:44
Natalie - 18:41
Jimena – 18:50
Shaun – 224

Scaled (35-49)
Tony – 15:59
Damien – 16:15
Amanda - 228
Miguel – 226

Scaled (50-plus)
Rich – 17:16
RoseMarie – 17:50
Mario – 18:52
Chistine – 200

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