20.4!  Its about time the boys start making a comeback!  Leave it to a heavy barbell for them to make their move! We had an epic time at our Halloween themed Friday night lights! Not only were all the costumes on point….we saw some HUGE PR’s and 1st time accomplishments with a new movement for the Open, Pistols!  THIS is why we LOVE the Open! Congrats to everyone!

This week marks the final week of the CrossFit Open! Unfortunately we will be participating from afar in Florida, but we already have a time set to hit 20.5 with a local affiliate!  Our amazing coaches will be helping to ensure things run smooth!  Theme this coming week is 203 Spirit! We encourage everyone to bring some good food to share for a post workout celebration! There will be no Thursday night throw down this week, and limited availability to complete the workout any time other than Friday since we are out of town.  Please make every attempt to get to the gym at some point during the day to get the workout in!

Rx (under 35)

  1. Mike (205)
  2. Kylie (204)
  3. Lisa (202)
  4. Carlos (200)

Rx (over 35)

  1. Jack (203)
  2. Melissa B (169)
  3. Melis (166)
  4. Alberto (160)

Scaled (under 35)

  1. Damien (221)
  2. Rodrigo (217)
  3. Shaun (200)
  4. Alyssa (200)

Scaled (over 35)

  1. Courtney (200)
  2. Kelly (198)
  3. Tony (182)
  4. Seth/Miguel (170)

Rx (over 50)

1.Mario (170)

2. Matthew (164)

3. Robin (131)

4. Rosemarie (120)

Scaled (over 50)

  1. Christine (200)
  2. Cathy (200)
  3. Kendra (162)

Spirit of the open- We have awarded bonus points to the following people who embody the spirit of the open with PRs and pushing themselves harder than they thought they could!

Rosemarie, Michelle, Matthew, Natalie, Kendra, Adrianna, Erica, Robin!  Also a bonus point for Carlos for dealing with a mid WOD equipment breakdown with grace and ease.

MVP: This week John gets our vote!  He wasn’t able to make Friday or the weekend because Melissa was sick, so he got things done in his driveway! Talk about dedication! Nice work John!

Best Dressed: This one was really hard, there were SO many great costumes! Cindy wins with funniest and most realistic in her costume as Rachael!

Best Dish: Thank you Michelle for those AMAZING PUDDING SHOTS! From the whipped cream, peanut butter drizzle, and reese’s pieces topping…they were so yummy!



The women still remain our overall leaders, but its nice to see the boys chipping away at that lead!  Lets finish this competition up with a bang! Hope to see everyone this Friday, 4:30 pm doors open, 5:30pm is athlete briefing!


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