Nine years ago today we held our first class at CrossFit 203.  We weren’t really sure of the future but knew we had so much to share with others.  Our business, our team and our community have grown a lot since then.  When we step back and look at all that this small dream has become it amazes us every single day. To love what you do, and to know it has a small impact on others is what fuels our fire each and every day. A huge thank you goes out to our family who have supported our vision since day one, and to our community who inspire us to keep pushing and be better.  

Our friend Nicole Christensen out at CrossFit Roots put it best when she wrote this:

“We are the home for fitness misfits – those who believe in hard work, dedication, responsibility, and the power of community. We turn our heads to gimmicks, quick fixes, and fancy facades.

These are the ties that bind.

We look forward to working out. We embrace challenges knowing that we’re in an environment of people who each face their own challenges every day. We train hard and together. We eat clean because it’s our way of life. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments out of a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. We don’t go to the gym to burn calories but to challenge our body, be with our community, and feed our souls.”

As we head into our 10th year of bringing health, fitness and community to the greater Danbury area we wanted to celebrate!  And not just a one day 10th Anniversary party…but really recognize all the amazing aspects that make 203 what it is!

We have decided to commemorate 10 years of fitness here in Danbury with a year-long celebration leading up to Nov. 7, 2020. Each month will be dedicated to a different aspect of the gym. We will reminisce about our early years, highlight the present and also look to the future…..and we will do a little celebrating as well!

Giving: Thanksgiving is in November and so “Giving” will be our theme. Having fundraisers and helping those in need has always been a part of what we do, and we have given to many people and charities throughout the years. Save the date, Nov 30th! We will raise money for Danbury youth services, as well as collect coats, hats and socks to hand out on Thanksgiving day to those in need in Danbury. More detail will come early next week!

Accomplishments: This month we will celebrate all our personal accomplishments and also look to the new year to set goals. Help us recognize your hard work by writing the top fitness-related accomplishment you have hit throughout the years here at 203!!!! What are YOU most proud of?

Parties!: We work hard and we play hard and we have always thrown an amazing Holiday party since we first opened. The location and people have changed as the years have gone by, but the theme is always the same: we work so hard here at the gym (and at home with nutrition….sometimes) and we love celebrating with you all with a huge holiday part in January. In recent years we have transformed the gym into a club, hired a DJ, and partied the night away. Save the date, Saturday January 11th!

Relationships: You have met many friends and awesome people at 203. This month we will honor all of the relationships that have been brought into our lives because of our love of fitness! As you all know, the CrossFit Open used to start in February before it changed this year. To celebrate February we will be doing another ever-popular in-house partner competition! More info to come soon!

Coaches:  We wouldn’t even be here without our amazing coaches! We will help you get to know the coaches better this month with some spotlights featuring our awesome coaches. Be prepared to recognize and thank your coaches with special mailboxes we’ll leave out for you to write a little  note of appreciation for them! And, we will be picking an evening to meet up at a restaurant to honor our coaches with some cocktails! 

Workouts: This month we celebrate the thing that brings us all together in a puddle of sweat (and sometimes tears). Workouts! We will have a design your own workout contest. The final five days of the month we will feature the top five workouts submitted by the members. We will also have our coaches design some workouts (because we want at least a little time when you can’t blame us for them ☺ )

Classes: We all have our favorite class times and your crew of people you typically work out with. This month we will have a Clash of the Classes competition! We will celebrate with a “Clash of the Classes” winners party! 

Kids and Families: Our kids are a HUGE part of the 203 community, both in our kids classes and the children of members who are often here with their parents. Throughout the month, we will highlight our youth athletes and celebrate with a family workout and party!

Members: It really is all about YOU! This month we will highlight some of our long-time members and we will also have our annual Summer Party!!!

Outside the Box: We will be doing various outings this month with the theme…..”What do we do with all this fitness?” Let’s get out there and paddleboard, swim, play a sport, or even head to a track to do some endurance workouts. We will get outside and celebrate all of your fitness! 

The Box: Thank god for CrossFit……where else would you be able to play with all of these toys? Atlas Stones, sandbags, tires, sleds, prowlers, barbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, kettle bells, climbing ropes. We will use every single piece of equipment we have this month to celebrate the box!!!!

10 Years! We will look back at all that is CrossFit 203 as our tenth year comes to a close, and find some old photos that I’m sure everyone will love. We will host a special workout on our actual anniversary, Nov. 7. Stay tuned for a very special Anniversary Gala/Party this month!


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