Alright gang….we are entering dangerous territory!  The 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years!  This is often a time where our nutrition completely goes off the rails, and our regular gym routine gets sidelined with the hustle and bustle that is the holidays.  

Now you all have worked way too hard all year to let all your gains completely fall apart.  Nope, we’re not going to let you get off with “I’ll get back on track after the new year”.  Not going to fly, not this time, not this year.  We plan to hold you all accountable.  With some guidance, lots of support, and a little bit of tough love, we’ll get through this holiday season just as strong and healthy as we entered it!  

We plan to provide you all a happy place to de stress, sweat, and continue to make progress towards all your goals.  

It starts today.  The holidays are just that.. a couple of DAYS.  Its not called the holi-month…so don’t turn it into that! If you figure Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and 1-2 of your favorite holiday parties…you can still enjoy 5 days to your hearts content.  The other 25? Well its business as usual, healthy eating, getting to the gym, sleep, and stress management.

Your first homework? Go and throw out all those Thanksgiving leftovers.  You don’t need to stare at pie and stuffing for the next 5 days.  Fill your fridge with good healthy fruits and veggies.  We’ll post more of our tips for surviving holiday parties later this week! 

Your second piece of homework?  Schedule in gym time for the month of December NOW.  

Literally write it in your calendar.  

Make getting here a priority…its too easy to let other appointments, meetings, shopping, etc get in the way of your health.  Make fitness a priority. Not only will this help you make continued progress here, it will help manage your stress, and help get those feel good endorphins flowing!

Still struggling? Please reach out!  We are so happy to sit down and help you navigate this season on a more personal level, or provide some additional accountability!  

Worse case? Find a gym buddy to call you out when you start missing workouts! 


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