Our 10 years of 203 year-long celebration had another great month! In January we rallied around goals and celebrations!  Our Annual Holiday party celebration was a huge success, we thank everyone who helped us with that!  We hope you all had fun!  We are still looking to get some more goals up on that white board, take some time to let us know what’s important for you to accomplish this coming year.

We know it’s not February yet….but we wanted to get the ball rolling and the date saved for our in-house competition!  In February we celebrate all the relationships forged as a result of this gym and to that, we are hosting a partner in-house throw down!   Save the date, Satuday Feburary 15th!

As most of you know, the CrossFit Open won’t be held in February/March this year (it’ll be in October from here on out). With that gone, what else is there to do in the dead of winter? We NEED something to look forward to, right? Hopefully this will do the trick?! 

We have done teams of 3 for our in-house throwdowns in the past, but we are going to do something a little different this year. We will do teams of 2, 1 male and 1 female; and will have both an Rx and a Scaled division.  Teams will compete in 3-4 events,and when the dust settles the top teams will be crowned King and Queen of 203!  Winners will receive prizes, bragging rights, and their names forever engraved on our in house throw down plaque!

We will NOT be making the teams this time….it’ll be up to you all to find a partner. What we will be doing is coming up with workouts for the RX and scaled divisions, with a wide-range of movements and weights in order to find a proper King and Queen!

So start making those teams and we will post a whiteboard at the gym. If you are looking for a partner let us know and we’ll set you up with one! When your team is set, write it down so we know how many teams will be competing and can plan accordingly.

Over the next month, we will be releasing the workouts….expect one next week!