Anyone else over indulge a bit over the holidays? Despite my best intentions, January 1st has me feeling a bit squishy and unfit! Too many bites here and there of cookies, a regular evening drink or two, and a schedule that has been far from structured has taken its toll.  We’ve had a bunch of folks ask, and so we are happy to oblige!  Starting Sunday, Jan. 5th, we will be kicking off a 5-week individual Nutrition Challenge!  This challenge will be simple and hopefully a catalyst to make this a healthy year!  There will be weekly challenges that range from something as simple as getting in three different vegetables each day, to some physical challenges like a little extra rowing every time you get to the gym.

The rules are simple, eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. There will be no sugar or processed or refined carbs allowed. This means no cookies, bagels, pasta, granola bars, or any food that has sugar as an added ingredient. You’ll be filling your plates with protein, vegetables, and some healthy starches like sweet potatoes or rice. Snack on lean protein sources, like nuts and seeds, and avoid alcohol.

You’ll get one point for every day that you adhere to these rules. You’ll get an additional point for getting to the gym three times a week or more, and one point for completing the weekly bonus challenge. If you can keep your drink intake to less than two drinks a week you will also earn an additional point. 10 total points are available per week, and at the end of five weeks will choose a winner will receive a cash price!

There is a $20 buy-in to join this challenge. We will be creating a private Facebook group that you will be added to as soon as you pay. This is where all the weekly challenges and points will be updated. You will also find daily motivational topics, updates and recipe sharing on the facebook page.

No excuses here, we’re not looking for perfection, we’re just looking to get you guys on the right track to a healthy 2020!!! Send Melissa a message or email (, or sign your name on the sign-up whiteboard at the gym) if you are interested!