Well folks, 2020 is here and with it will be brutal cold, snow, and clouds for a couple of months (if not more). My mind goes to one place immediately…..it’s time to commit to the gym more than ever. What else is there to do? NOTHING!

I’m not the kind of person to barricade myself in my house and spend my days and nights under a blanket. I don’t want to go home after work and eat everything in sight and then go to bed. If I do that, I feel tired, cranky and lethargic basically 24/7. It’s an awful feeling that I want….no, NEED to avoid.

I want to get out there, do something, see people….workout and SWEAT! Our schedule is crazy with coaching schedules, the kid’s activities and everything else, but I’ll be getting workouts whenever I possibly can. Mornings, evenings, weekends, whenever I can get it!

THIS is the time to hit the gym hard, dial in your nutrition and emerge from winter a fitter, stronger, sexier version of yourself when the sun finally shines again this spring. It’s like we are in a cocoon and we will emerge (and thaw out) in May….how will YOU look and feel by then? That depends on what you do NOW!

We just went through the holidays with the horrible nutrition and drinking more than we should. Now is the time to get back at it! Whether you are doing the Nutrition Challenge or not, plan out your weeks with both nutrition and the gym in mind. Get a routine going again. It’s all about your routine! Set it and do it! Make it here when you can and just think how amazing you will look and feel this summer.

See you at the gym.