We wrapped up our 5-week Nutrition “Re-Set” last week! Kudos to everyone who jumped in and successfully completed our challenge!  With each challenge I am continually impressed with everyone’s dedication, camaraderie, and RESULTS!  This may have been the hardest challenge to pick a winner!

A huge congrats goes out to Courtney!  With one of our highest scores, and some AMAZING before and after pictures, she came out on top! Courtney is killing it not only in the kitchen, but here at the gym as well!  This past weekend her team earned a 3rd place finish at our in-house throw down! Courtney has won an unlimited membership for March! Congrats and keep up the hard work!

An honorable mention and second place finish goes to Cathy P!  Cathy also had one of our highest scores and some amazing before and after pictures! Cathy we’ve got a bag full of 203 goodies and gear waiting for you!

If you are looking for some more nutrition accountability and support, head over to our 203 Nutrition facebook page!