We thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time we are experiencing.  It has been gut wrenching to say the least.  This gym is our livelihood, our passion, and our family.  We have gone back and forth, spoken to trusted medical professionals, other affiliate owners, and spent many hours reflecting back on our core values.  


“Be the example”

“Support our greater community.”  

These core values have been written since year one when we first opened. They have served as guideposts for all of our most important decisions for this gym.  And when we reflect to those; our decision becomes blatantly clear.  

It is with great emotion we have decided effective immediately we will close our doors for the next 2 weeks.  With all things health and fitness we want to be a part of the SOLUTION.  Right now social distancing is the solution to this virus, and we need to support our community, including the at risk as well as the many Drs, nurses, and other health care providers we serve. 

This is the scariest decision we have ever had to make, but financial reasoning has never, and will never be what guides us in our choices.  We thank you for your support and we promise to continue to serve our community during this time.

We will be programming daily home workouts.  There will be a track in sugar WOD that will allow you to play along with a barbell, dumbells, a medball, as well as just body weight. We would love for everyone to participate and continue to log scores! 

Join us for Virtual Classes! We’ll run 3 daily classes thru zoom, you’ll get to see your coach, friends, and get lead thru an entire class start to finish, with live coaching and motivation.

We will provide written and video warm ups, mobility, and accessory work every week.

For those of you needing some equipment, we will be loaning out our dumbells, kettlebells, and medballs to help keep workouts fun and challenging. We will be here all day for anyone looking to grab something. 

Weekly nutrition challenges will be posted to help everyone stay on track with their nutrition.

We hope that with everyone in our community observing the recommended social distancing that we will get past this terrible virus quickly. Love and health, Kirk and Melissa