Squad…how’s everyone holding up?? Hopefully looking better than the picture above, haha!

We are into the start of week 3 without a physical location to train together.  On top of that, many of us are dealing with a new normal, and one that will likely be our reality for the next month!  We are dealing with new distance learning for our kids, working from home, maybe a job lost, or working around the clock.  To say this is stressful would be a huge understatement.  Stressful times often lead us to slacking off with exercise, overeating carbs /sugar, and excessive consumption of alcohol.  

COVID-19 is a serious virus….but it’s one that is devastating primarily to those with underlying medical issues.  Medical issues that most of you have avoided thanks to regular exercise and a healthy diet.  Now is NOT the time to get super lazy about those practices. There is a major threat to our society and we need to make sure we are doing everything in our power to keep ourselves and our families healthy.  Think of good nutrition and regular exercise as your “super vaccine” for this virus!

To help our community out with this, we will be kicking off a little challenge starting April 1st, which will last three weeks. The challenge is simple; accumulate points every day for healthy practices! Earn 1 point for each of the following every day:

✅30 minutes of movement/exercise.  Do the workout of the day we post, one of your own, or go for a hike, run, bike ride etc

✅eat 2 different vegetables that day

✅eat 2 different fruits that day

✅drink 5 glasses of water

It’s that simple! No alcohol restrictions (because let’s be real here!), and no food elimination.  We just wanted to provide a non stressful way for you to focus on taking care of yourself and your health! We are hoping that good nutrition leads to more. We’ll throw in a weekly challenge for additional bonus points.  There will be a place to track challenge points in SugarWOD everyday. 

Get your kids involved, your extended family, or invite your friends! Hold each other accountable and make a little family challenge of it! Loser does laundry for a week!

High score for 203 at the end will win a gift card to their favorite local small business!