I know we have had some…..ummm, distractions lately (which is putting it mildly), but our 10-year celebration of 203 is still going on! The month of April had been dedicated to celebrating our workouts. Yes, our workouts today look a bit different than usual because of equipment limitations, BUT they still serve the same purpose. They help keep us in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. And these days, we need that more than ever. We have heard from SO many of you about how tough it is to work out alone at home, and trust us…we totally get that. However, we’ve also heard about the amazing by products of getting your workouts in…..any workout! On the days you are struggling, just tie up your shoes and start warming up. Log onto our members page, search for Home WODs under “topics”. Find one you like, let us take you through a full warm up to help you get started. Find a buddy who will help hold you accountable. Let others inspire you.

Erica had the idea of urging you all to post some clips of yourselves working out at home. She got motivation from seeing them, as do we! It caught on and we have loved seeing your clips! Keep them coming! I also went through and looked at what some of you have said on social media and comments on SugarWOD. In case you missed them, here are some anonymous quotes below. Just from these, you can plainly see how important our workouts are, and recognize that they are FAR more than just workouts.

My reason for being at 203 is more mental health than fitness. Obviously, I need fitness. But fitness for me unfortunately comes after. Part of the mental health at the gym is being around positive people doing something good for them. Since I don’t get to see you all to get that vibe let’s see some more videos of our workouts. Please try to spread the vibe!

Love the idea of keeping each other motivated by posting our workouts more frequently. I miss all of you and hope you are all staying healthy!

Thank you for holding me accountable. Update…. Missing 3 weeks of working out is not ok. Finally got something in today. Physically and mentally struggling but after finally finishing up today’s WOD I do feel better. Thank you guys for being an awesome support system!!!

Here’s a video of me cooling down after today’s WOD! Thanks for pushing me to do this after work today! Love you and I miss the whole crew so much. I miss coaches correcting me and pushing me, never thought I’d say that. Stay safe, strong and healthy friends!

Love this!!!!! Such a good reminder to just keep doing the best that we can and to just keep moving!! Thank you!!

Miss you guys! Thanks so much Kirk and Melissa for keeping us sane with WOD’s everyday

Been hard for me too- trying to stay active hiking, running, or walking … I miss the gym and my routine. Thankful for this group of motivating people, I get inspired daily.

Inspired by you all! I wasn’t gonna workout today, but saw your posts so I got it done. In the spirit of keeping our daily dose of competition, I did the same workout as my wife and she beat me, as usual!

Tough day at work. Needed to do something today for my own mental state!!!!

Our initial plan for the month was to let you all submit your favorite WODs, and to hold a contest to have you create something spicy! With everything that has gone down we have decided that we are going to host our own special Hero WOD…and dedicate it to all of the essential workers at 203 out there still on the front lines keeping us safe, healthy, and fed. This will be a partner workout we’ll do on Saturday this weekend!  Find a friend at home or socially distance with a friend at a local track/park and hit this new HERO WOD!

“203 Essential Hero”
With a partner complete the following:
203 Air Squats
*Run 203 meters together
203 Push ups
*Run 203 meters together
203 Sit ups
*Run 203 meters together
203 Burpees
*Run 203 meters together
**Partition 203 reps of body weight movement however needed, 1 partner working at a time.
***Wear a weight vest if you have one.