We closed our doors exactly 3 weeks ago today. It was the hardest thing for us as small business owners to do. It has kept us awake worrying every single night since. Yes some of that worry is financial…but honestly…most of it is worry about you guys.
We worry because this is a time of tremendous stress and need. A time when the health and fitness of our members can potentially mean life or death if they come down with this virus. This is when you need the gym the most, and we worry that you may feel lost or unmotivated with our doors being closed. Despite loaning out just about every single piece of equipment we own, we worry that without in-person guidance, fist bumps and friends, things just won’t happen alone at home.

Despite our worry, we are so happy to see so many of you are staying active and healthy! What keeps us going and pumps us up is seeing you posting workouts, pictures, logging your workouts and your nutrition scores. We could not be more proud! Sure, every day has its struggles, and we are far from perfect…but we are doing it! Please keep posting, you are inspiring to us and everyone at the gym. Keep checking in with each other, hold each other accountable and motivate your workout buddies on those hard days. Please reach out to us if you need help, motivation, ANYTHING! Let us know what would help you or what else we can provide for you.

We just have one more thing to ask you. Over the course of your time here with us at CrossFit 203, we hope we have instilled some education into you. We hope we have taught you the importance and the power of regular functional exercise with a dose of intensity. We hope you have felt firsthand the life changing effect of eating a diet of meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. We NEED you to pay this forward now. Tell everyone in your house, talk to your loved ones and extended families. With no vaccine for this virus, our health is our biggest ally in staying healthy. The reason this virus has had such devastating effects is due to the overwhelming amount of chronic disease in our nation’s population. It is reported that 70% of all COVID-19 deaths have at least 1 underlying chronic medical condition. Prior to this pandemic the CDC reported that 7 out of every 10 deaths in the US could be attributed to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. These are all diseases that can BE PREVENTED AND TREATED through lifestyle choices of regular intense exercise and clean eating (cutting out sugar and processed/refined carbohydrates).

This is a call to action, and we are all in a position to share our knowledge. Keep doing what you guys are doing, and get some loved ones to join you. Teach them how to squat, send them a healthy recipe for dinner, and encourage them to join a workout with you.

You guys inspire us and we know you are inspiring others. Keep that up! Sending you so much virtual love and healthy vibes.