July has been a great month getting back into the swing of things at the gym! Things may look and feel a little different but we’re getting our fitness on, and that’s the most important thing! 

We know the best line of defense against this virus is our health! We want to make sure that everyone continues to do everything possible to help protect themselves and stay as healthy as possible as we head into fall! So to help you out, we are running a free August challenge to all of our members! (but feel free to get your family members involved as well!) 

Each week we will put out a new set of challenges, and will offer a weekly raffle of prizes for anyone who participates!

These challenges will range from anything nutrition related, to getting in workouts, to sleep, and all lifestyle factors!  

You guys in?!  Be sure to join our 203 Nutrition page on facebook for the weekly challenges and raffle winners!  Challenge starts Monday August 3rd!