The New year is traditionally a time for resolutions and goal setting.  It’s a time I normally LOVE!    Planning, vision boards, goal setting, it’s usually something I get really excited and fired up for.  I hope some of you still have some excitement surrounding the prospect of a New Year…but for anyone else not quite feeling it, I get you.  2020 has left many of us literally just hanging on.  It’s not something I am stoked to admit, but I know I’m not alone…and I know many are struggling right now too.

So this year, there will be no talk of goals or resolutions.  It seems inauthentic, and something I am not in a place to get fired up for…yet.

I saw this visual and it struck a cord with me.  What if instead of feeling overwhelmed with the stresses and pressures of life…what if we just focus on building small positive habits that will, over the course of the next week, month, and year, put us in a better place?

When CrossFit throws us a really tough, grueling workout…when we are 2 rounds in…wanting to quit, debating faking an injury…we persevere anyway.  We slow down, pause and rest, but we never quit.  When we can’t run, we walk.  When we can’t walk, we crawl. And sometimes this year when it felt like even crawling was hard, we simply moved a limb or two.  And that’s ok.

So this year, choose to be just 1% better every day.  Build on habits you already have.  If you average 12 visits to the gym each month, this January make it 13 times.  If you are drinking 5 nights a week, take it down to 4. Add in 1 extra vegetable or glass of water a week. Floss every night instead of every few days. Small baby steps won’t seem like much at first, but over time will add up and help you build momentum.

Our health, human connection, and family are our most important resources these days.  Build healthy habits to take care of YOU, and the people you love. Big lofty goals are great…but with the chaos we have all endured this past year, sometimes 1% is all you got. Just remember that 1% will get you much closer to your goals than you may expect.

What is your 1% focus?