I’m not going to lie to you all…..I have never been in worse shape entering a CrossFit Open, and I’ve done every single one since it first started in 2011. It’s been a hell of a year for all of us and we have all felt it in some way. First it was the shut down, then it was everything COVID affected, which for us was an inconsistent schedule with home schooling, remote learning, and everything else going on. So for a long time now, I’ve been getting two or maybe three workouts a week. Not as much as I would like, but on the bright side it could have probably been worse!

That said, you bet your ass I’m still doing the Open. As long as I’m alive and breathing and physically able, I’ll always do the Open. Why? Because it is so damn fun! Because we want the challenge. Because we are finally able to come together as a community again to sweat and cheer each other on…and enjoy a little food and beer afterwards! So why not join in, whether you officially register online or not.

The Open only happens once a year and this year it’s only 3 weeks long, we can all manage that. And even though I have exactly zero aspirations of hanging with the big dogs, I’m still in. Even after the brutal year we had, I’m still excited for this.

We are mostly all in the same boat. We’ve been dealing with life in a big way, but we kept grinding despite the many obstacles that have gotten in the way. I’m not proud of my current fitness level, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse and skip the Open. I still want to be in there with all of you, sweating, grunting and cursing the name of Dave Castro. The important thing for me is coming together as a community and doing these workouts WITH ALL OF YOU.

I am in. 100% in. But not just for me…..I want to be there to help and cheer you as well. I want to see what YOU got. The 2021 Open starts this weekend, with the first workout announced Thursday evening.  We will come together as a community on Saturday to throw down and see what Castro has in store for us. Get your name on the white board! I hope you’re with me.

-Coach Kirk

**We will host the Open this Saturday at 11am (outdoors if weather permits).  Sign up is live in Acuity if you want a spot in a heat! If you cannot make this Saturday, we can accommodate athletes Thursday night immediately after the announcement, or Sunday at 11:30.  If you need a Thursday or sunday time, let Kirk or Melissa know so we can accommodate you!