The 2021 CrossFit Open has come to a close. It was a tough year for everyone, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and coming together to attack some tough workouts as a community.

The only thing that got us through 21.3 was hearing the cheers of support and sweating alongside all our athletes.  And that’s the beauty of the Open. You do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do, along with sometimes doing things you’ve NEVER done before.

We are so grateful to have had a little slice of normalcy back in our lives. Having the gym buzzing with excitement, anticipation and support was so amazing!

We are so proud of everyone who busted their butts trying to get your first T2B, DU, pull-up or first muscle-up in 21.3 (and we have the ripped hands to prove it!). Some of you got SO CLOSE and we know you will get there VERY soon! It was also awesome to see you fight through that tough lifting complex in the second part of the workout. So inspiring!!!!

Thank you to everyone who put yourself out there and did the Open this year after the tough year we’ve had. A special shout out to everyone who did it for the very first time. Our favorite part of every Open is seeing our new members get out there. We know you were nervous and not sure what to expect……but it’s just 3 workouts. The only difference is that the atmosphere is electric with so many people around, and it just FEELS different than any other workout we do during the year. That’s why we LOVE the Open so much. Congrats to our first-timers!!!

We have some special thanks to everyone who showed up each week to cheer and help judge everyone, and everyone who brought food or drinks to celebrate! Kudos to Christine for attacking 21.3 RX and getting through all her T2B! “Fire in the Gut” award goes to Gina and May for their tenacity and perseverance in trying for their first pull-up. We are tabulating some points and participation and will have a Winners Circle announced this weekend. The winners will be anyone who showed the most support and effort throughout the Open, and together they will decide what to do with the entry fee you all paid (if you still owe $10 please get it to us by the end of the week!)

The Open is a great test of the training we do all year. It lets us gauge our level of fitness and shows us what we need to work on. We never have any idea what’s coming, but we can train everything and be as well rounded as possible for anything that comes our way. Like wall walks!

In other exciting news, we have a few athletes who have advanced to the Quarterfinals of the CrossFit Games! A huge congratulations to Kylie, Melissa B and Melis for qualifying in the top 10% WORLDWIDE and advancing to the next step. Both Melissa’s not only qualified for their age group (40-44) they were also within the top 10% of the under 35 main women’s bracket worldwide! More into on the workouts and dates they will compete will come soon!

For the rest of us, we start training for next year. Keep hitting the gym, don’t skip anything, just show up whenever you can, even if you hate something. That’s how you will grow. We will train hard, train smart, all while having fun with our community! Thanks for a great 2021 CF Open!!!